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Welcome to m0l0

What m0l0 is?

m0l0 is a registered trademark of Landatel Communications, a Spanish company with offices in Spain and Mexico, which has been developing and distributing state-of-the-art solutions for more than 20 years.

m0l0 is an IoT platform developed with Tuya Smart artificial intelligence technology, which allows smart devices to be integrated into a single APP, and is also compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Where does the name come from? 

Why do we use the script "leet" to name our brand? This writing changes some letters for numbers, so that our brain is able to effortlessly interpret the same words as if they were normally written with letters... $0 W3 D3C!D3 T0 C4LL T0 0UR N3W BR4ND "M0L0".

All types of devices

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Thermostats for: radiators, boilers, centralized air systems,...

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RGB bulbs, led strips, lamps, switches, dimmers,...

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Sockets, power strips, breakers, micromodules, power meters...

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WiFi cameras, video door bells, smart locks, sirens,...

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Smoke, water leaks, doors, vibration, PIR, gas, CO2,...

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Gateways zigbee,  IR controllers, signee repeaters, zigbee gateways..

Two connection technologies

Zigbee is a technology developed for IoT, m0l0's Zigbee devices work in the 2.4 GHz band, consuming very few resources (there may also be devices that work in 868 MHz and 915 MHz). Its main advantage is that it does not use an IP address for the devices, which means that it consumes few network resources and increases security against attacks. Zigbee devices need a gateway that connects the Ethernet network and the router on one side, and the Zigbee on the other.

WiFi technology is well known to all, WiFi works in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. M0L0 WiFi IoT devices work in 2.4 GHz to allow a greater range. The main advantage of installing WiFi IoT devices is that they are directly adopted by the WiFi network that we normally use, allowing quick and easy configuration, although it is recommended, for security reasons, to use a different network for IoT devices.

Both technologies, WiFi and Zigbee, are compatible and can be installed simultaneously through the same M0L0 APP

A single platform and APP

You don't need to have more APPs

Our APP can be installed on Android and IOS devices, from it you can control the devices, receive notifications and alarms, monitor electrical consumption, control cameras, turn lights on and off, appliances, plugs, power strips,... and create your own scenarios, including your own home or business alarm.

Use them with your voice assistant

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Amazon Alexa

The M0L0 APP is compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice Assistants, simply activate the M0L0 Skill in your Amazon Alexa application and any changes to your M0L0 APP will be automatically transferred to all devices compatible with this voice assistant.

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Google Home

The M0L0 APP is compatible with the Google Home Voice Assistant, simply activate the M0L0 Skill in your Google Assistant application and any modification in your M0L0 APP will be automatically transferred to all the devices compatible with this voice assistant.

Full compatibility 

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Powered by Tuya

Thanks to the agreement between Landatel and Tuya Smart, all M0L0 devices are fully compatible with the Tuya and Smart Life APPs, as well as with any device compatible with these APPs and with any other APP that is "Powered by Tuya".

In addition, for larger projects, we can create a special APP, adapted to any external platform, and exchange data through an SDK.